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About Us

iStock_000041505808_LargeOur team has over 20 years of combined experience in Real Estate Sales and Management for individual property owners, condominiums, co-ops, HOA’s and commercial properties around the globe. Our experience includes leasing/rental residential and commercial properties in South Florida, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Buenos Aires (Argentina), and Munich (Germany).

We are Real Estate Management company uniquely qualified to handle both domestic and international investment property owners and tenants.

In order to become the most successful real estate firm in Miami AR INTERNATIONAL REALTY incorporates proven, elegant and professional state of-the-art techniques specializing in the marketing, listing, selling Leasing/Rentals of new and Resale Luxury Waterfront homes, Residential Communities, Condominiums, Pre-Construction, Investment Opportunities and Project Management in South Florida and Internationally. AR INTERNATIONAL REALTY maintains a full-time staff of well-trained Real Estate Professionals and Professional License Property Managers, who continually strive to provide top quality service for their individual clients and customers.

AR INTERNATIONAL REALTY is a creative, innovative and people-oriented organization providing individual opportunity, we believe in well trained personal we provide satisfaction and rewarding challenges to all members of our firm. We are small and personal, but with an international background of success and services. As an independent corporation, we are here to provide the best services in Real Estate tailored for your needs, having your satisfaction as our main interest and assets. We believe in Transparency, Communication, Knowledge of Products and Geographic Areas, Honesty, Professionalism, Customer Service and Care, Attention to Detail is our Primordial Goal.

We are here to answer your questions, provide you with enough information and tolls on market trends and moves so you can make appropriate decisions. We firmly believe that a well inform Seller/Buyer/Home owner/Investor will profit not only from our knowledge and services but form our listing maintenance and keeping you informed and oriented throughout the purchase and sale transaction process. We keep you informed, We return phone calls, WE don’t promise We deliver. We thank all that support us during the years and hope you will stay with us in our new line of services tailored for you, customers and friends. Andre Reuter Lic. Real Estate Broker AR INTERNATIONAL SERVICES/AR INTERNATIONAL REALTY. Our motto YOUR RELAX WHILE WE DO THE WORK!

Professional Property Management

On the management side we offer investors property supervision and management including everything from rent collection to mortgage and bill payments. We are local, meaning we can keep an eye on your property.
For tenants, we offer an easy way to select a wide variety of rentals with one contact.
Contact us and let’s discuss what we can do for you.

Our community association management services we will offer your property, a tailored service with simplicity, integrity and clarity, you will have no room to be concerned with unclear and unaccounted issues, since we are a proactive management firm. We will provide a comprehensive platform; you will obtain VIP services trough a company that is dedicated to customers and to expedite services. It is not just about maintaining a property; it is about improve your quality of live and naturally your investment. We provide professional Property Management Services for Condominiums, HOA and Co-ops, as well rental buildings, in Miami and South Florida.

Our range of services includes, but not limited to:
➢ Guarantee a pro-active vs. re-active
➢ Improve relation between tenant, board and renters
➢ Help you enhance your property and therefore your investment position in the market place
➢ Financial Management Services
➢ Book Keeping
➢ Budget Preparation
➢ Collection of Special Assessments
➢ Collection of Assessments
➢ Financial Statements
➢ Invoice Processing & Disbursement
➢ Coupon Books (for payment collection if desired)
➢ Delinquent Collection & Processing
➢ Electronic Payment (if desired)
➢ Financial Audits (if requested)
➢ Monthly financial reports
➢ Reserves Investment
➢ Tax Preparation (if desired)
➢ Keep your costs low by utilizing our sources and competitive bids (supervision of work will be done at a extra cost, if desired)
➢ Site visit checklist and implementation
➢ Attend and provide minutes of Board meetings
➢ Monthly Manager’s Reports with weekly updates
➢ Maintain unit owner files and records
➢ Enforce Association rules and regulations
➢ Maintain all banking services
➢ Oversee all suppliers
➢ Oversee employees (if desired we can offer our own staff, such as: concierge, handyman, janitor at a extra charge)
➢ 24-hour emergency service
➢ Arrange Association financing with our banking sources
➢ Coordinate all annual meeting requirements
➢ Board Meeting Participation
➢ Board Meeting Preparation
➢ Communications
➢ Complaints & Rules Administration
➢ Insurance Administration
➢ Member Meeting Participation
➢ Member Meeting Preparation
➢ Monthly Management Report
➢ Policy Development
➢ Unit Transition Services
➢ Administrative Support
➢ Board Meeting Minutes
➢ Legal Coordination & Participation
➢ Member Meeting Minutes
➢ Records Transfer
➢ Website Creation & Management (if desired, for an extra monthly rate)
➢ Present a well organized and simple to understand years end financials
➢ We help you create, develop and manage your budget
➢ Community Inspection
➢ Contract Bidding
➢ Contract Development
➢ Contract Management
➢ Maintenance Request Processing
➢ Major Improvement Contract Bidding & Management
➢ Receive and investigate complaints regarding rule violations, and report all such violations to client for appropriate follow up.
➢ Assist and advice the client in the preparation of general correspondence between residents, owners, contractors, etc.
➢ Keep a record of all client correspondence received or issued.
➢ Assist the Client in the procurement of insurance coverage, as well as the processing of insurance claims.
➢ Attend and assist the client in coordinating general membership meetings, including the Annual Meeting.
➢ Perform background checks on all buyers and/or renters.
➢ Carry out all duties required by the association prior to closing on a unit; estoppel letters, questionnaires, application fees, background check, and all needed procedures in a fast and reliable time, and for an affordable fee to your new Co-owners, making sure they get all the necessary information about the property they are acquiring.